The Price of Tomorrow

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“Be very aware of your mortality. Then with it, do something that would make you immortal in the hearts of man”

His name is Nick Dutcher (@nick4127). He was an assignment editor at KSHB Channel 41. He loved Celine Dion and Storm Chasing. He was a friendly colleague and a dear friend to many. And now, he’s gone; lost at a young age of 30 to a robbery that took place in his home.

This post goes out to Nick and the people who knew and loved him.

I regret to say I haven’t had the honour of meeting Nick. I got to know about him and the incident through Deborah Dobson (@debdobson), a close friend of mine. She told me about Nick; the kind of person he was and the things he loved. And how he passed. Hearing the devastation in her voice, I think I caught a glimpse of just how hard it must have been for the people who did know him.

While I thought about how unfortunate it was for a man so young, to lose his life, I found myself hoping that in his 30 years, he lived his life to its fullest. And that he passed without regrets.

We all have a limited supply of tomorrows. And every single day, that supply drops by one. It waits for no one. Nick ran out of tomorrows. But in his life, he was passionate about the things he loved. He never missed a single Celine Dion concert if he could help it. He had a burning passion for his job, the weather and social media. And in his 30 years, he pursued this passion. His tomorrows were worth more than gold.

To all of you, what are your tomorrows worth? To plenty of us, it’s just another day. But there are so many people who would give all they can for those 24 hours.

Ask yourself, what is tomorrow to you? Will tomorrow lead to the realization of your dreams? If today is your last, what do you hope to have done? What would be your biggest regret?

Start working towards a tomorrow that you wish for, today. There’s not always another tomorrow, tomorrow.

“Make your todays and tomorrows count.”

“What would you rather be doing? And why aren’t you?”

Please check out Deborah’s tribute to Nick here:

You can read about updates on the case here

R.I.P Nick Dutcher. You will be remembered.

What are your tomorrows worth? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.



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