You are not alone

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“You’re not alone”

The road to your dreams is one fraught with untold fears and unknown dangers; A journey that requires you to bear the weight of your fate; It is a journey that can break the toughest of men, and crumble the sturdiest of egos. But it’s the best journey there is. And you’re not alone.

I’m a dreamer. My dream is to change the World. I dream of a more connected and more passionate World. These are dreams that I took upon myself. I’ve always known that they would be daunting tasks. But I never knew that they could get this tough.

Every single day, I found myself plagued with self-doubt and renewed knowledge on just how little I knew. The burden I bore upon my back threatens to snap me in two. And I feared that I’ll never be able to realize my dreams. I fear that I may break.

There there~

You are not alone.. You are never alone.

Just when I felt that I was really going under, when I felt like I was at my lowest point, I reached out to the people around me(And I’m so glad I did); I spoke to my family and friends on the various fears I had. Expecting nothing other than a chance to rant at first, I was surprised by the amount of support they showed! With their help, I managed to find the strength to stand again. It may have been just a few, simple words. But during those moments, these words became my pillars of light; they gave me support and they illuminated my situation. They guided me and helped me see again. I am no longer alone in this arduous journey. In fact, I wonder if I’ve ever been alone.

The bottom line is, I could never have done all I have (which still isn’t much… yet) without the support of the people around me. Be it family and friends.. even strangers! So the next time you feel down and low, talk to someone; share with them your troubles. Reach out to your peers and welcome them into your life.. You’ll be surprised at just how helpful and supportive people can be. Start today!

On that note, allow me to say a word of heartfelt thanks to my friends, Belinda, (@BelindaAng | for all the wonderful advice and support, Jason, (@Jayvig | for introducing me to the social media scene, Deborah, (@DebDobson| for being such a kind and encouraging friend, Tommy, (@TommyTRC | for your patience and last but not least, James, (@Jamesblute) for challenging me and guiding me along. Thank you. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve all of you. =D

“Your journey is your own. But you don’t have to walk alone.”

How have your friends helped you through tough times? Do post a comment.. I’d love to hear from you! =D



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4 Responses to You are not alone

  1. tommy says:

    Thanks for the shout out. The sooner people remember its not about them, its about the relationships…. good things will start happening! YOU ROCK!!!

    • lovtoo says:

      Hey there, Tommy! (Sorry I must have accidentally deleted the notification email. Wasn’t aware that anyone commented)

      I fully agree. It’s social media. Time to be social. Its about forming and deepening relationships with people.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      No, YOU rock!

      P.S. Without Tommy(, this blog won’t exist. For that, I owe him much thanks! Check him out here:

  2. Kay says:

    As Seal says – I need love to even know my name. It’s hard to lean on others but what you discover when you do…well thanks for reminding me of how beautiful it is to not only give, but to receive.

    • lovtoo says:

      Hey there Ms Kay,

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I’m really sorry for the late reply.. I accidentally deleted my notification emails and wasn’t aware that there were comments.

      Haha yes.. Receiving is great! Now eagerly working to start giving back~


      Kay ( is a wonderful writer and one of the two great minds (and hearts) working on a wonderful social project: Sterling Hope ( Do check her out!

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