“Walk the Plank. Why Not?”

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“Just do it”

Shivers went down my spine as I arrived at the venue. Looking into the empty bar, I spotted a lady wiping the counter with a cloth. I paused for a moment to think about life. The thought was quickly brushed aside; I had bigger things to worry about. Steeling myself for the ordeal to come, I mustered up a smile, walked up to the lady and said: “Reservations under Shawn Poh”

It was the 30th of June a few days back. It was Social Media Day ’10. And it was also a day of reckoning for me. It was the first time in my life organizing an event for over 20 people I didn’t know. And I was in trouble.

The booking had been late. I didn’t manage to distribute the information well. What if it rains? Should I be getting food and drinks for everyone? What if the attendees don’t talk to each other? Do I need an activity for the event? What’s a good venue? What’s a good time? What’s the age limit? What if no one turns up? What if too many people turn up? What if people can’t find the place? What if? What IF?

At a point of time, I started regretting. I should have allowed people who were more experienced to take up the job. They would know other people in the field. They would know what to do; I didn’t. At that point of time, to me, I screwed up a potentially awesome event. And because of that, I wasted an opportunity for everyone who attends to have a great time. If the event was a flop, it would be my fault.

Looking back at that moment, I can only feel thankful for diving in headfirst. The event was, by my standards (Which isn’t much to boast of), a success. I met lots of interesting people and had some great conversations! < Thanks to the event, I managed to meet these awesome people! : @belindaang@dunderground @CCAirways @ctham @carlgriffith @chrisirhc @daphnemaia @discthrower @veggeloo @summerisque @infernoxv @missy_gi @mohanbelani @preetamrai @robin_low @skribe @smithankyou @Wysie_Soh @ssumin @sylvdoanx @thomasbabuj @clicktokill >

Planning the event got me asking myself some questions that I’ve never considered in the past. And as a result, I think I’ll be better at organizing something like this in the future. I learned plenty and I have gained a perspective that was otherwise unachievable. Sometimes, it’s okay to take a leap. Sometimes, just doing it can be the best answer for questions you never had.

Take a leap today. Why not?

Post a comment and tell me about leaps you have made and leaps you intend to make. I’d love to hear from you!



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Lovtoo (Launching in Dec '10) is the world's first social network that focuses on expanding your network based on your passions. Encompassing everything from white water rafting to dark chocolate tasting. We know this is what you love.. Let us help you find others who would Lovtoo.
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