“Are You Dreaming?!”

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“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso

When we were kids, we all had dreams; some wanted to be a pilot, some wanted to be a talk show host. I wanted to be Batman. These dreams sometimes end up changing the world. Sometimes they change when we get older and as we discover ourselves. Sometimes, the dreams die. And that is the absolute, most dreadful thing to happen to anyone.  When we stop dreaming, we stop living life; we merely live through a process, albeit a race to the death.

Why do we stop dreaming? When I left the army, I spoke with my colleagues and we discussed our future plans. Plenty of them have already decided on going into a profession that they disliked. Their reason: it’s easier.

Pursuing your passions can be really tough sometimes. But in the end, it’ll be worth it. It may be easier to be lazy than happy. But where’s the fun in that?

Start dreaming. It’s okay to dream. It’s okay to want things. And it’s okay to work harder to realize your dreams.

I’m a dreamer. Are you?

Tell me about your dreams. I’d love to hear them.



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12 Responses to “Are You Dreaming?!”

  1. Liesbet says:

    Super nice job. I really love the article. I’m a dreamer too so I can relate.
    I always wanted to do something with languages because I’m really passionate about languages. But my mom told me I would not finish education, so I chose another profession. I failed to finish that education and therefore lost 2 years. No I’m almost finished with my language education and I’m much more happy than I was studying the other profession. It was an education to become a speech therapist.

    • lovtoo says:

      Coolio! It’s always nice to see a fellow dreamer~

      The 2 years aren’t wasted. You went through a 2-year process to go into a profession that you loved.

      Have confidence in the fact that you are now doing something you love. Something that too many people fail to do. You are what many cannot hope to be~

  2. James Blute says:

    WOW . . . Great post Shawn.

    I think the reason we stop dreaming is because we are taught later in life to conform to certain rules and perceptions on what life should look like.

    I think the key is to tap in to the ability of imagination that we all have.

    • lovtoo says:

      Hey there Jim, thanks for taking the time to visit and leaving such a great comment~

      That’s surely something to think about~ I think I’ll write my next post on having a different look at our lives~ =D

  3. Following your dreams are important. But dreams don’t always apply to careers. You have army buddies who have pre-determined careers because “it’s easier.” Maybe that’s not what is most important to them.

    Here is an example. My father worked in a very lucrative career that he absolutely hated for 35 years (same company and everything). I always wondered why he didn’t pull the plug and do what he loved. Then I realized it. He was doing what he loved. He was giving his family a life he never had. His stress was at the office – a place he was not emotionally tied to. The only tie between work and home was the paycheck that allowed us to have a nice home, wonderful meals, vacations, schooling and gave my mom the chance to stay home and care for the kids.

    While it’s wonderful to find the one thing that makes you happiest and let it shine over your whole life, there are times then you sacrifice other parts of your life for your passion. My father’s passion was his family so he sacrificed the CAREER he wanted to have a JOB that helped his family.

    Now that I’m an adult I talked to him about it and he doesn’t regret a minute. Waste the stress on the job, not the family. His career passion would have brought financial stress and other stress into the home.

    So be passionate about as much of your life as you can but prioritize the parts that matter.

    • lovtoo says:

      I understand what you mean.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if your passions had a part to play in your professional life? People choose career paths for different reasons. What I’m asking is, why aren’t they making their love for the job, the reason to go into that profession?

      Not all dreams can apply to careers. That’s true. But having a career doesn’t mean that dreams have to be forsaken. The problem is that too many people decide that dreams should remain dreams.

      I feel that people should start acting on their passions. It does not have to end up as a career(Although I’m sure it would make the job a lot more enjoyable). It can be a past-time; a hobby. The most important thing is that the passions are not forsaken.

      People have a right to be happy. Being happy can mean different things to different people. The important thing is that they know what makes them happy. And that they get around to doing it.

      Your father knew what he loved.. And made it his life. That’s the most important thing. =D

  4. Kara Schwab says:

    shaun, you nailed it! again. we are on the same wavelength once again. absolutely loved this post. pursuing our dreams is hard. but watching them die is even harder. thanks so much for sharing and inspiring us all!


    • lovtoo says:

      Hi Ms Kara, thanks for dropping by~ And thanks for the awesome RT!

      Yeah.. I hope to be able to tell people that dreaming is okay. What are your dreams?


      P.S. I’m looking forward to your next blog post! Do let me know when it’s launched~
      P.S.P.S. For those of you interested in a good read, check out Kara’s (@Kara_Schwab) blog here: http://karaschwab.com/

  5. hipcop says:

    My favorite part of life is dreaming, sharing dreams, and watching them come true!! My Mom always said…”Dreaming is Free”. Great post and what a sad way to go through life..because it is easier!!

    • lovtoo says:

      Hi Ms Francis,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a nice comment!

      Your mom is wise, indeed~ Lemme add on to that~ “Dreaming is free. But Dreams are Priceless.”


      P.S. Check out Francis on twitter~ (@hipcop)

  6. Kathianne says:

    I’m loving this quote by Picasso. I hadn’t heard it before. Thanks for sharing.

    • lovtoo says:

      You’re welcome, Ms Kathianne~

      A friend of mine, Jolie (@jolieart) was the person who shared it with me. She’s a very talented painter~ You could also check out her page at http://www.joliedennison.com/

      There’s another quote I use to go along with this one:
      “Its been said that the happiest times of our lives are during our childhood.
      Its also been said that the happiest adults are those that never let their inner child die. What does that tell you?”

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